Biographical Summary


Janet Chang is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and healthcare technology activist. Currently Chief Executive Officer of Wood Egg, an organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in Asia, Janet previously co-authored Wood Egg’s most popular book, China Startup Guide with entrepreneur Derek Sivers, which reached the Amazon bestseller list next to Lonely Planet and National Geographic guides for 2 weeks post-launch in January of 2014.

She has also been invited to speak at institutions and organizations like Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and Quantified Self about the future of healthcare technology. Janet’s work and writing has been featured in various media like Techcrunch China, Women 2.0, and So Good They Cannot Ignore You.

Native to the San Francisco Bay Area, Janet currently resides in Manhattan with fellow entrepreneur and marketer Jason Shen, at NYC Startup House.

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    Detailed Biography

    Prior to her current work, Janet accumulated the following set of experiences…

    Athlete (2001-2009)


    In her teens, she completed various athletic endeavors:

  • 2x U.S. National Short Track Speed Skating Championships competitor in Cleveland, OH; California State Champion (2004, 2007)
  • Cross-continental cycling cancer activist, riding from San Francisco, CA to Virginia Beach, VA in 60 days to raise $2000 for children with cancer at Camp Quality USA (2007)
  • Youngest full-distance Ironman triathlon finisher, at age 18, at the Vineman Triathlon in Guerneville, CA, and team officer of the 4th highest ranking women’s collegiate triathlon team in the United States (2009).

  • Healthcare Activist (2010-present)


    In sophomore year of college, Janet retired from competitive athletics and took leave from school when faced with a diagnosis of a debilitating medical condition.

  • Patient and activist, self-treating a case of panhypopituitarism in 3 years when the country’s best MDs, endocrinology specialists, NDs, and other physicians failed to treat the condition (2010-2013)
  • Community evangelist for emerging healthcare technologies of 250 members at Human Hacker House (2012-2013)
  • Developer of the TRE framework for accelerated treatment of chronic illness using a systematic, experimental, and integrated approach (2014-present)

    Self-Educating Entrepreneur (2010-present)


    Upon recovery from her medical condition, Janet chose to opt out of finishing her formal undergraduate studies in exchange for adopting an accelerated approach to self-learning and a pragmatic mindset towards the modern free agent economy.

  • Self-educating college stop-out, reading 30 books in 60 days, and 50 books per year ever since (2010-present)
  • Founder of Zen Cookies Express, a late night snack delivery company serving the collegian population in Santa Barbara, California (2010).
  • Non-traditional programmer, learned to code from zero-to-professional employed at market rate in 6 months without formal Computer Science background, story covered and published in Women 2.0 (2012-2013)

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