About Janet


photo-blazer-bowtieMy name is Janet Chang. I’m 23 and currently based in New York City. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I am an author and entrepreneur in the business of promoting health, wealth, and learning. With a background in science and technology, I apply the process of deep research, experimentation, and systems thinking to virtually everything…sometimes causing shock and controversy.

2010-2013: A Real World Bachelor’s Degree.

china-cover-redWriting, Research, Marketing: Wrote The China Startup Guide after interviewing dozens of CEOs and entrepreneurs in China, as part of Derek Sivers‘ publishing project. Since launch, the book has been sitting on the Amazon category bestseller list, next to National Geographic and Lonely Planet travel guides.

Software development:  Learned programming in 3 months, sparking a foray into software development.

Health Evangelism: Created Silicon Valley’s first health hacker community, and spoke at StanfordUCLA and Berkeley on emerging technology and patient treatment methods in U.S. healthcare. Developed a system, “Track-Research-Treat-Repeat”, to treat a severe case of chronic fatigue without prescription medication. Crafted the 5K-to-Marathon training plan used in the book,  The Motivation Hacker.

Entrepreneurship: An intellectual exploration of personal development, finance, and business led to the creation of Zen Cookies Express.

Pre-2010: The Teenage Years of Formal Education and Athletics.

photo-speedskating2Stint in formal education: As would be expected of any good Asian adolescent, I performed well academically in grade school, high school, and college. Having never considered career paths outside of being a doctor or “at least going to graduate school if not medical school”, I once read 30 business books in 60 days as an alternative to partying like most college students, which inadvertently led to a fatal bite from the entrepreneurship bug.

Once this happened, I made several attempts at adopting a polyphasic sleep schedule, increased academic workload to 28 units (2x student average) to graduate early, failed at polyphasic sleep, then took academic leave to break past the plateau of formal education and learn about the world of business firsthand. Although I haven’t returned since, my calculation of return-on-investment of top-tier formal education varies widely from month to month.

Physical performance: Throughout my teens, I competed as an U.S. nationally ranked short track speed skater, rode a bicycle from the Pacific to Atlantic, and completed a full Ironman triathlon. Now, I mainly stay active for fun with powerlifting, Crossfit, swimming, martial arts, yoga, road cycling, and various other activities.

A Vision for a Healthier, Happier World


I have a dream. By 2030, entrepreneurship and democratization of medical knowledge would have revolutionized the course of modern healthcare and medical education, making millions healthier and happier…and we–the people in this generation–will be the linchpins to make it happen. In the meantime, there’s a lot of work to do.

What’s Next?

If you’re an entrepreneur, we should connect via email at janetlaichang (at) gmail. I’m always open to meeting other growth-oriented individuals.