Biographical Summary

Janet Chang is an American entrepreneur, website conversion optimization marketing specialist, and healthcare technology activist. Currently, she serves as interim CEO of GoToLaunch, an organization dedicated to promoting global entrepreneurship, founded and funded by serial entrepreneur Derek Sivers. Previously, Janet authored the organization’s most popular book, China Startup Guide, which reached the Amazon bestseller list next to Lonely Planet and National Geographic guides in January of 2014.


She has been invited to speak at institutions and organizations like Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and Quantified Self about the future of healthcare technology for chronic illness treatment.


Janet’s work and writing on business and technology has been featured in various media, including…



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  • Should You Go to a Programming Bootcamp?
  • Should You Go to This Programming Bootcamp or That Programming Bootcamp?
  • What Should You Do To Prepare for a Programming Bootcamp?
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Detailed Biography

Prior to her current work, Janet accumulated the following set of experiences…

Athlete (2001-2009)

In her teens, she participated in competitive athletics.

  • 2x U.S. National Short Track Speed Skating Championships competitor in Cleveland, OH; California State Champion (2004, 2007)
  • Cross-continental cycling cancer activist, riding from San Francisco, CA to Virginia Beach, VA in 60 days to raise $2000 for children with cancer at Camp Quality USA (2007)
  • Youngest full-distance Ironman triathlon finisher, at age 18, at the Vineman Triathlon in Guerneville, CA, and team officer of the top 4 ranked women’s collegiate triathlon team in the United States (2009).
  • Healthcare Activist (2010-present)

    In sophomore year of college, Janet retired from competitive athletics and took academic leave when faced with the diagnosis of a debilitating medical condition.

    • Patient and activist, self-treating a case of panhypopituitarism when America’s best board-certified endocrinologists failed to treat the condition (2010-2013)
    • Co-organizer of Human Hacker House, a community for supporting the development of emerging healthcare technologies and protocols with 250 members (2012-2013)
    • Currently developing the TRE framework for accelerated treatment of chronic illness using a systematic, experimental, and patient-focused approach (2014-present)

    Self-Educating Entrepreneur (2010-present)

    Upon recovery from her medical condition, Janet chose to opt out of completing formal undergraduate studies in favor of adopting an accelerated approach to self-learning and a pragmatic mindset towards the modern free agent economy.

    • Learned to code from scratch in 6 months and worked at health-tech startup Sharepractice without formal computer science background (2012-2013)
    • Currently focused on business transformation as interim CEO of Wood Egg (now known as GoToLaunch).

    What’s Next?

    Check out the following essays and guides:

    Also, feel free to reach out! I’m always open to meeting growth-oriented individuals. In particular, people involved in…

    • Technology
    • Media
    • Publishing
    • Personal Health
    • Quantified Self
    • Patient-Focused Healthcare
    • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
    • Sales
    • Business Development
    • Global/Asia Business

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