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Professional Bio:

Janet Lai Chang is a confidence and performance coach for women and minority leaders who want to become more resilient to adversity and challenges in the workplace and elsewhere. She is a survivor of PTSD, depression and abuse, former digital media startup CEO, and 2x U.S. National Championships competitor in the Olympic sport of short track speedskating. Her tumultuous life journey has also led her to overcome a rare debilitating medical condition, a lifelong fear of public speaking, and numerous genetic disadvantages as a competitive athlete. Using her unique perspective on adversity and accomplishing the seemingly impossible, she now helps others overcome the inner struggles that inevitably come along the path to becoming an effective, inspiring, and fully embodied leader, all with the aid of an honest, direct, and accepting approach that wastes no time for growth, healing, and transformation for those who are ready to benefit from it.

Janet has been invited as a guest speaker at Stanford University, UCLA, and a dozen other institutions and organizations. Her work has been featured in media publications worldwide, including Marie Claire,  Richard Branson’s Virgin Magazine, TechCrunch China, and The New Scientist UK. Janet is trained in the art of facilitating personal performance breakthroughs by top institutions including Stanford Business School, Dale Carnegie Foundation, and Interchange Counseling. 

Previously, Janet was CEO of Wood Egg, marketing technology consultant to VC-backed technology startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 firms, and the international Amazon bestselling author of the China Startup Guide. In her athletic career, Janet was the youngest Ironman triathlon finisher at age 18 at Vineman 2009, has powerlifted 2x bodyweight in the deadlift, and rode a bicycle from West to East Coast across the United States at age 16.

When she isn’t working with clients, Janet advocates for women and minorities in STEM, empathy and emotional intelligence training, patient-centered healthcare treatments, and research on psychedelic-assisted therapies for depression, anxiety, and PTSD.