Biographical Summary

Janet Chang is a marketer and author based in San Francisco.

She authored an Amazon bestselling business book, managed marketing for entrepreneurs like Derek Sivers, and co-organized Human Hacker House, Silicon Valley’s community for consumer healthcare.

Janet is founder of JLC Innovations, where she helps business owners and startup founders grow their customer base and increase revenues by 20% through a combination of analytical number-crunching and creative storytelling.


Janet has been invited to speak to audiences at institutions and organizations including Stanford University, University of California Los Angeles, Under 30 Changemakers, Skillshare, and Quantified Self.


Janet’s work and writing on business and technology has been featured in various media, including…

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What people are saying

“Janet really made a masterpiece here. I so so SO appreciate her work and will sing her praises up and down to whoever will listen.”
Derek Sivers, CDBaby.com, WoodEgg

“Janet dissected my current templates and found some holes that I just went ahead and filled. Actionable advice that will hopefully lead to results – thanks Janet!”
David Schneider, ninjaoutreach.com

“Janet & I recently had the pleasure of meeting in Beijing at a Startup event. She is one of those uniquely talented an interesting people in this world – an expert in developing web applications with stacks like Ruby on Rails and she is co-authoring a book with Derek Sivers (yes…the Derek Sivers) Despite her busy schedule she took the time to give me some detailed feedback on how to troubleshoot a problem I was having in my Rails application. Give Janet a call – you’ll learn a lot and will be glad to meet this amazing woman.”
Kevin Dewalt, SoHelpful.me

Projects & Services

Marketing & Product Strategy

Does your company have a product and some sales, and need to accelerate growth of the customer base?

Clients have increased revenues of up to 20% after 1-2 months of working together. The clients that can benefit most from my work are businesses with at least 1 user acquisition channel (or revenue stream), and startups that have acquired funding from the “seed” or “A” round.

Learn more about JLC Innovations marketing and growth services.

About the Blog

I started writing (occasionally) in 2010 to explore a range of radical topics, starting from productivity for university students and sleep experiments. Recently, I’ve started writing articles more frequently, most of which are published to my private email newsletter subscribers. Topics range from entrepreneurship, to fitness, marketing, and relationships. For a quick taste, check out the following essays and guides:


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