Biographical Summary

Janet Chang is a marketer, author, and healthtech entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

She authored an Amazon bestselling business book, managed marketing for entrepreneurs like Derek Sivers, and co-organized Human Hacker House, Silicon Valley’s community for consumer healthcare.

Previously, Janet was a competitive short track speed skater (based at the U.S. Olympic Oval Training Center in Kearns, UT and later under the tutelage of Olympic coach Wilma Boomstra in Long Beach, CA) and finisher of the 140.6-mile Ironman triathlon at age 18 (“Vineman” Ironman 2009 in Guerneville, CA).

While studying Biology at University of California, she experienced a debilitating medical condition, panhypopituitarism, prompting an academic leave, self-treatment using a systematic process, and sharing her process with others.

Janet currently develops technology to empower patients to take health into their own hands.


Janet has been invited to speak to audiences at institutions and organizations including Stanford University, UCLA, Under 30 Changemakers, Skillshare, and Quantified Self about topics including:
– Frameworks for High Performance in Entrepreneurs and Ambitious Achievers
– The Future of Healthcare Technology
– Techniques for Hormone Imbalance Management


Janet’s work and writing on business and technology has been featured in various media, including…

Projects & Services

Welcome and thank you for visiting. My mission involves two areas:
(1) Empower individuals through entrepreneurship, growth, and accelerated learning, and
(2) Make advances in healthcare and technology more accessible to consumers.

Below are ongoing projects I’m involved in. I’m always looking for collaborators.

Marketing & Product Strategy

Does your company have a product and some sales, and need to accelerate growth of the customer base?

Clients have increased revenues of up to 20% after 1-2 months of working together. The clients that can benefit most from my work are businesses with at least 1 user acquisition channel (or revenue stream), and startups that have acquired funding from the “seed” or “A” round.

Learn more about JLC Innovations marketing services.

Hormone Patient Advocacy & Coaching

Do you have a hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, or another chronic condition that won’t go away with conventional medical oversight?

Perhaps you have tried every supplement and remedy possible, seen every single doctor in your health insurance network and feel like there is nobody else to turn to. If so, we should talk. With your help, we can reverse-engineer the process I used to overcome unexplained fatigue, stress, weight gain, and brain fog. Together, we are granted an opportunity to ensure that others do not experience the same challenges.

Read more about how I’m working to help fellow hormone patients feel better with Hormone Detective.

Physical Performance Coaching

Looking to run that marathon you signed up for (and finish without killing yourself), finally lose weight and get into shape without deprivation, or hit a crazy ambitious fitness goal?

I help individuals go from couch to 5K to marathon, from weak to strong, from feeling overwhelmed to a calm sense of control over their bodies. A training plan I developed helped my client run a half-marathon in sub-2 hours, cut his 5K time by 3:00 minutes, and increase bench press by 20 pounds…all in a matter of 3 months. Another training plan allowed for the completion of a full distance Ironman triathlon in 50% of the weekly hourly training volume compared to typical Ironman triathletes, in 4 months. I experimented with 5 diets in 5 years before finding the one that works, so that you don’t have to. In working together, mental barriers are overcome and limiting beliefs are stripped down and replaced with empowering ones.

Email me about your fitness and training goals.

Learning to Code Mentorship

For individuals interested in advice on programming bootcamps…

Many individuals ask about how I learned to code and whether I would recommend DevBootcamp. If and when there is energy available, I will publish articles addressing the most common questions about programming bootcamps:

  • Should You Learn to Code?
  • Should You Go to a Programming Bootcamp?
  • Should You Go to This Programming Bootcamp or That Programming Bootcamp?
  • What Should You Do To Prepare for a Programming Bootcamp?
  • A Review of My Dev Bootcamp Experience, from the Early Days (Fall 2012)

Other Areas of Interest

I’m always open to meeting new people.

Feel free to reach out! Drop me a line at janetlaichang at Google’s mail service.

About the Blog

I started writing (occasionally) in 2010 to explore a range of radical topics, starting from productivity for university students and sleep experiments. Recently, I’ve started writing articles more frequently, most of which are published to my private email newsletter subscribers. Topics range from entrepreneurship, to fitness, marketing, and relationships. For a quick taste, check out the following essays and guides:


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