SATT Podcast Interview: How to Find a Therapist and Deal with Harassment at Work

By July 26, 2017 Media Coverage No Comments

Have you ever wondered how your perspective about mental health could be affected by your parents, culture, or the environment in which we grow up? As much as some of us, especially Americans, prefer to live by the idea of personal freedom and agency over our own actions, there is evidence that our environment and culture can influence our attitudes towards something as nebulous as mental health.

I’m pleased to share this discussion I had with Christina Ong, founder of “Seats At the Table” Podcast, about all of this:

  • How discrimination as a minority and person of color affects your self-esteem, and how to deal with it [2:02 – 7:10 min]
  • What it’s like to deal with denial and internal resistance of the need for therapy and mental health support  [9:09 – 11:50 min]
  • How my Asian cultural upbringing affected my perspective on therapy and mental health [12:00 – 12:45 min]
  • How to find a good therapist who is uniquely suited to you [13:55 – 18:45 min]
  • Practical ways to heal from depression and trauma, one day at a time [19:50 –  24:18 min]
  • How to deal with being harassed at work and stand up for yourself [24:25 – 30:15 min, 31:00 – 33:30 min]

Here’s a link to the interview on SATT.
Here’s the podcast on iTunes.