Human Hacker House (H^3)

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Dates: Feb 2012 – present

This project was inspired by a thought experiment in answer to the question:

What problem, if solved by someone else, would make the world so much better? What would be the solution to that problem?

The Human Hacker House is a work-in-progress solution to the slew of problems in the American healthcare system, in particular: consumer access to the tools that foster discoveries in health and personal responsibility for our health.

H^3 is Silicon Valley’s first live-work hackerspace for health. In 3 months, I found 5 tenants, attracted 30+ community members, garnered $5000 worth of startup resources, and rental property for the space. 1 month after conception, we have conducted 3 experiments for physical and mental performance. I learned from my previous startup to focus more on applying Lean Startup principles and Steve Blank’s customer development processes while we are building a community.

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