Noob to Programmer in 10 Weeks

By June 26, 2012 Projects No Comments

I’m applying to an intensive 10 week course to learn programming from (almost) scratch. I have tested myself by learning HTML and CSS in 2 days, and doing a freelance gig, making a photoshop mockup into a valid HTML/CSS. After I realized I couldn’t learn PHP in time to convert it to a WordPress theme by the date my client wanted, I managed a team of programmers to bring the HTML/CSS into a WordPress theme.

In serious consideration of learning programming in more depth, I asked three of the best programmers around to assess my technical abilities and learning potential. Two of them did in-person testing with code puzzles…

1) Saturday October 8th, 2011: 1 full day of programming with Todd Perry (Mark Zuckerberg’s CS teacher, former engineer at Facebook, Quora, and Palantir)

2) Wednesday June 20th, 2012: 3 hours of programming with Nick Winter (CTO of

3) Several conversations about programming in 2011 and 2012: with Kyle Murphy (software developer at

After these sessions, all of them have been supportive in my pursuit of learning programming in an intensive course. So here’s my application…