Current Projects:

China Startup Guide with Derek Sivers [Writing, Research, Marketing]

Past Projects:


Sharepractice [Web Development]

Racemob [Web Development]


Learning Programming in 10 Weeks [Web Development: Ruby, Rails, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Git, Heroku] URL Shortener [Web Development]

Human Hacker House [Community, Events, Operations]

Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard [Community, Events]

Stanford Presentation: “How Can Technology Enhance Self-Tracking for Health?” [Public Speaking, Research]


Paper: “Case Studies in Self-Tracking for Distinguishing Evidence-Based Protocols in Optimizing Human Performance and Treating Chronic Illness” [Research]

UCLA Presentation: “The Future of Healthcare Technology” [Public Speaking]

Jaw23 [HTML, CSS, WordPress, Team Management]

I Hack Health Blog [Research]


Entrepreneur Apprenticeships [Marketing, Research, Team Management]

Good and Bad Business Ideas [Product]

Zen Cookies Express [Product, Team Management, Operations, Marketing, Customer Service]


UCSB Study Hacks Club [Operations]

UCSB Biology Papers [Research]