Why People Ask Why: Self-Improvement is a Foreign Concept?

By January 20, 2010 Mindset No Comments

How often do you ask “why?” when a fellow college student announces that they’re going to “get effed up tonight”?

Now, compare this to how often you would be asked “why” for doing something unconventional that would potentially improve your life, like switch to a healthier diet, or try a different sleep schedule. If you haven’t tried, what would happen if you were to mention something of the sort, and see what kind of reaction people give you?

Or, just take my word for it. Many people ask, “why are you doing that?”. WHY?

Most of us apparently understand better the desire to drink 40 ounces of alcohol over a wasted weekend than the desire to tailor one’s lifestyle to be the best it can be with the least amount of effort.

Am I missing something here?

And for those who really truly want to know why…

“Why not?” That nip-it-in-the-bud, cop-out answer never satisfied me.

Maybe it’s what Chris Guillebeau said:

The people who wonder about motivations may not have yet found something they really love that’s worth doing strictly for the sake of doing it. I hope they do  — meanwhile, I’m having fun.

Maybe because if I didn’t do it, I would deeply regret it. As for why to do it, we each need to figure that out for ourselves.
Maybe because we’re asking “why?” to the wrong pursuits.
Maybe the real question is…

Why do people want to get f*cked up?